Retreat Homes


Retreat Homes was the brainchild of London based Architects Buckley Gray Yeoman; it was created after they were challenged to design a new concept of holiday home lodge living. The result was nothing like the preconceived idea of a holiday home, its modern and cutting edge design caused quite a stir within the holiday home industry. Many critics dismissed this radical re-invention of the mobile home, thinking it was ‘too modern’ for the industry. How wrong they were; The Retreat simply pushed the boundaries, capturing the public’s eye for high quality, innovative, architectural design.

The Retreat is manufactured under it’s Trademark from the Architects on the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria by Retreat Homes (Manufacturing) Limited. The 50,000sqft manufacturing base is set within 6 acres of countryside, with fantastic views up to Scotland and the surrounding area. Managing Director Alan Rooke and Production Manager Trevor Lawson have been manufacturing bespoke lodges for many years and were chosen by the Architects for their traditional construction methods and extensive building knowledge. Their established approach to the build quality of hand crafted lodges, sits well with the architectural design of The Retreat lodge, which requires precise expertise of finish.

Since the launch of The Retreat, the market has seen a dramatic influx of similar lodges with modern styling but none feature the complex architectural elements, which distinguishes The Retreat from others. These elements require exact finishing and expert skills, to complete the lodge to the high standards a Retreat client would expect. Gone are the plastic finishes and thin walls and in, was the first sustainable, ecological lodge. A lodge with the environment in mind, before climate and energy saving became a headline issue; this clearly put The Retreat, before its time.

Contemporary, intelligent and rigidly constructed. The Retreat is extensively built from timber, from sustainable forests, because it is the world’s most sustainable, and arguably most beautiful, building material. There are no faux finishes. Where there is wood, it is solid timber, where there are windows; they are floor to ceiling glass. Several models feature a unique private decked courtyard unheard of in a holiday caravan.

Ever conscious of environmental issues, all of The Retreat models have been designed with sustainability in mind and even produce a dedicated sustainable model.

Retreat Homes is a company that was founded by Architects Buckley Gray Yeoman with the aim of redefining the concept of holiday home lodge living. The architects wanted to challenge the preconceived notions of a holiday home and introduce a modern and innovative design that would stand out in the industry. Despite initial skepticism from critics who thought the design was “too modern,” The Retreat gained attention for its high quality and architectural excellence.

The manufacturing of The Retreat takes place in Cumbria, on the edge of the Lake District, at Retreat Homes (Manufacturing) Limited. The manufacturing base spans 50,000 square feet and is situated within 6 acres of picturesque countryside, offering stunning views of Scotland and the surrounding area. Alan Rooke, the Managing Director, and Trevor Lawson, the Production Manager, were chosen for their expertise in traditional construction methods and extensive knowledge in building bespoke lodges. Their commitment to craftsmanship aligns perfectly with the architectural design of The Retreat, which demands meticulous attention to detail and a high level of finishing expertise.

Since the introduction of The Retreat to the market, there has been a noticeable increase in lodges with modern styling. However, none of them incorporate the complex architectural elements that set The Retreat apart. These unique design elements require precise finishing and expert skills to meet the high standards expected by Retreat clients. The Retreat broke away from the use of plastic finishes and thin walls commonly found in traditional holiday caravans, and instead introduced the first sustainable and ecologically conscious lodge. The Retreat was ahead of its time, prioritizing environmental sustainability even before climate and energy-saving issues gained widespread attention.

The Retreat is characterized by its contemporary and intelligent design, as well as its robust construction. It is predominantly built using timber sourced from sustainable forests, as timber is considered the world’s most sustainable and aesthetically pleasing building material. The use of solid timber is favored over faux finishes, and the lodges feature floor-to-ceiling glass windows, enhancing the connection to nature. Some models even include a unique private decked courtyard, a feature rarely seen in holiday caravans.

Environmental considerations are paramount in the design of The Retreat models. Each lodge is created with sustainability in mind, and there is even a dedicated sustainable model available for those who prioritize eco-friendly living.