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Welcome to Swift Garden Rooms

A garden room from Swift will make a wonderful positive change to your life!  It will do so much more than just give you some extra space.  Our garden rooms provide separation from the main house and in doing so, create their own sense of drama and occasion.  There is something so special about your new environment when it is re-created with a stylish, “detached extension.”

What does this add to your life? Existing clients continue to report back on how special their bespoke garden room has become to them and what a delight they are to use. These are places that categorically enhance your life.

Whether they are used for work, play, relaxation or exercise, they become a place where you choose and want to be; a place that you are proud of.

Well, because they are such substantial buildings, and because they are specifically designed for your personal preferences, they are used for just about anything you can imagine… and oftentimes more.


Design is the process of creating the building that you aspire to own.  This process takes your ideas and inspirations and combines them with functionality, structural integrity and budget.  What do you want your new space to provide for you? Swift create buildings for you that have the size, specification and style that suit your needs.

What inspires you?

One of the beauties of investing in a garden room is that you are starting with a blank canvas.  We can begin working on the elements that are most important to you. Some of our clients are already very sure of the “look” and style that they love.  This may have been taken from these very pages that you are looking at right now, or perhaps they have seen one our rooms in a friend’s garden.  In this case the design process may be as simple as scaling the building to suit the site, positioning of doors and windows, then smaller details such as the positioning of power sockets.

At the other end of the scale we have clients who have a very specific and individual vision of their room and we will help them with the transfer from thoughts to paper, and from paper to reality.

Then there are clients who wish to commission something completely different and bespoke… a building that will never be repeated; one which will demonstrate their own individuality and tastes. We have designers and architects that understand the process of one-off designs as well as the flexibility and potential of the SIP panel system of building that we employ.

What are the limits of individuality?

  • What facilities do you need?
  • What features would you like?
  • Should the building softly melt into the existing setting or create a splash and a spectacle?
  • What budget do you have available?

Looking at photographs of our other buildings in our Case Studies and Gallery pages will show you examples of the styles and designs that have been favoured by existing clients.  We can also send you a selection of photographs of architectural features and styles that have been collected from other buildings… a great way to test your reaction to new and innovative ideas.  Do you like a traditional wooden barn finish that matches the styles in your part of Britain, or does an Art-Deco influence excite you?  Maybe ultra modern Cubism or a camouflaged eco structure?

When we know your preferences and aspirations we will discuss the best way forward for your project.  The design stage may be quite straightforward and rapid, or we may agree to devote the services of one of our associate architects or designers to work with you for a totally bespoke and original concept.  We will confirm any costs and commitments between us that will enable us to move forwards towards your dream building.

Are you ready to have an informal chat about your ideas and expectations?  Please click here to make contact… our Swift team are ready to listen.

Let us try and push those limits, if that is what excites you!  We will always ensure that the building is structurally sound and that the combinations of materials will be durable and work well together.

Here are some ideas that may inspire you:

  • External rendering or cladding materials that make a statement such as slate, stone, powder coated steel, “green” vegetation walls, glazed tiles, coloured glass, mosaic, etc.
  • Special glazing features: Pillar-less doors which open the whole corner of your garden room; Over-sized panorama windows and glazed curtain walls; Expansive roof lights; specially commissioned Glass Art; dramatic blind systems, etc.
  • Increased connectivity between the garden and your room with integrated canopies and pergolas which can include outside kitchens or barbeque areas, drinks bar and entertaining area.  Let the design of the building flow between the inside and out with the smooth transition of matching flooring and patio areas, wall materials and lighting effects.

Materials and Technical Specifications

What makes a Swift garden room feel so solid and reassuringly permanent?

What is the difference between a Swift building and cheaper versions that look similar?

Simple… we use only the best materials in the fabrication of your “detached-extension.”  The same attention to detail that we devote to a nursery school or house extension, as well as our investment in tested and certified products, is also devoted to your garden room.

In many cases, building regulations are not required to be met for garden buildings, but that makes no difference to the way we build your room…. it will excel in its performance and longevity.

Any measures that we take remain focused upon providing you with the best design and installation service.  We provide options for you to consider and always try to accommodate your wishes.  We offer you excellent value for money as well as a responsible route to providing the extra space that you’re seeking.

SIP Panels

SIPS panelsThe main structural elements of your building will usually be built using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).  These are a combination of strong and durable wooden boarding (OSB), bonded in the manufacturing process to polyurethane insulating foam.  Like everything, there are differing grades and qualities of SIP panels and ours are the same as those used in major building projects … being fully accredited by the BBA and welcomed by Building Control.   SIP panels, when cut to size, properly jointed and expertly installed, create one of the most highly efficient and robust structures presently available.  They exceed all current building regulations for heat insulation, air-tightness and structural loadings, as well as lowering the time spent on site creating your garden room.


The unseen and vital basis of your new garden room.  Swift recommend the optimum kind of foundation system to match your requirements.  We also take into account the ground conditions on site and the surroundings (such as trees and other buildings).  Here are the most commonly used systems and the reasons for their selection:

  • Concrete Slab: This involves the greatest amount of preparation time as there has to be considerable excavation and then backfilling with hardcore, insulation and sometimes steel reinforcement.   It can be used where ground conditions are particularly poor, where we’re seeking to maximise internal ceiling height where roof height is limited, or for buildings where there is particularly heavy stresses and loadings placed upon the floor.
  • Concrete Pads: still using the strength of concrete, but isolated to a series of support points under the building. The floor of the building would then be constructed from SIP panels within a treated timber ring beam.  This is much less invasive than a complete concrete slab and can typically be completed on the first day of installation.
  • Jackpad Footings:  A pre-prepared system that, similar to the concrete pads, provides support under specific points beneath the building and has adjustable mountings to simplify the process.   Sometimes preferred for less level sites and where access is limited.


FlooringUnless a concrete slab has been laid (in which case this will form the structural floor) your garden room has a floor structure made from SIP panels. These sit upon the footings with a gap beneath to allow for air circulation. The floor is strong, well insulated and permanent.  The internal floor covering is down to your choice.  High quality laminate flooring is a popular, good looking and practical choice, as is natural wood, vinyl covering, rubberised floor and carpet.   The choice is yours because it’s a Swift tailor-made garden room.


These are formed from SIP panels that have been cut and prepared to the exact size and shape to make the walls and openings for windows and doors.  Strengthening beams are concealed within the structure and are expertly specified by our engineers and structural designers.

The outer face of your building is clad in a range of finishes to suit your preferences, the design of the building and the setting.  Western red cedar is a great choice, providing a beautiful smooth finish that, left untreated will turn to a silver-grey colour over the years, and will require virtually no maintenance.  This wood can last up to 50 years and even then can be replaced in a straightforward process without damaging the structure of your garden room. Other choices can be alternative timbers, render, raised seam steel sheet and stone or slate cladding.   We discuss the look that you foresee and we create something that matches an image that you already have, or even create a totally bespoke appearance.  Why not?


Again, the main structural elements of the roof are SIP panels, including any strengthening steels or beams.  Flat roofs are generally covered in a single piece of EPDM; a thick rubber sheet made by Firestone that well and truly puts paid to any historic misgivings about flat roofs.  This system is permanent and of excellent quality.  Pitched roofs can still have this material, or a more traditional tiled or slate covered roof.

Sedum Roofs are a popular addition on flat or slightly sloping roofs.  They demand a stronger roof structure due to the additional weight, and also add height which becomes relevant in some cases when building under Permitted Development Rights.   A lighter weight and slimmer alternative that we introduced to the market some years ago, is the use of artificial grass which gives a softer appearance with less cost and added conditions.

We can also include roof lights and openings.

Windows and Doors

This is an area that is constantly changing and giving further improved and wider choices.  French casement, Bi-fold, sliding glazed curtain walls;  these are all excellent choices.  As systems improve we are able to offer less frame and more glass together with easier opening and improved security.  More colours are available with powder coated aluminium, and we even have a highly acclaimed glass artist on our team who can produce totally original and striking features within the glazing.

Structural glazing involves the dominant use of glass in areas that are intrinsic to the strength and main fabric of the building.  For example, a large section of the wall can be replaced by glass panels.   It can create fabulous-looking design features and brings the connection between the garden room and the garden into focus.  We’re able to incorporate such aspects of design into your project.  This demonstrates our flexible and imaginative approach to design and installation.

Electrical Installations

The power supply to your new garden room is usually brought in from the main consumer unit in your existing house.  Sometimes this supply may need modification to ensure conformity to strict building regulations and our qualified electrician will ensure that you are left with a safe, effective and certified system.

The garden room itself has its own small consumer unit which splits the power supply to the main demand circuits.  The actual fittings are another area of choice for you.  As standard we use attractive, brushed chrome sockets, light switches and recessed down-lighters.  Additional, matching outside lighting is a common feature in our designs.  Other electrical installations can include:

  • Under-floor heating or wall mounted radiators
  • Special lighting features both inside and out
  • Remote control for the switching of lights and other features
  • Air conditioning/Climate control
  • Built-in sound and entertainment systems
  • Water heater/cooler, kitchen appliances, showers

We work with people who are experts in these hi-tech areas and are able to create the comfort, drama and sophistication that you dream of in your new garden space.

Personalised Options

Our whole approach is to enable you to have the building that you dream of.  An intrinsic part of this is our flexible and solution-focused approach that helps you to specify and equip your building to just how you want it.
So, whether it’s something as dramatic as a stained glass roof panel or as simple as a particular finish on the light switches and sockets, we’re pleased to be able to help you.  Here are some ideas based upon existing client’s choices and some fresh thoughts, to inspire you:

  • Bespoke stained glass panels
  • Feature panels of glazed tiles, treated metal, special hardwoods or artwork
  • Instant hot/chilled water tap for refreshments
  • Sedum roofs, synthetic grass roofs and roof-lights
  • Additional lighting effects both inside and outside
  • Interior design services
  • Landscaping services
  • Inside – outside floor surfaces including tiling, natural stone, resin floors
  • Water features

Perhaps we can’t always think of everything, but maybe you can!

Garden Office

garden office

More and more of us work from home or need a private study to work on personal business.

A detached Garden Room Office makes a perfect place to provide that separation from the home as well as the ideal environment for being productive and focused.

And even better, many of our clients have found that the “home-office” has such appeal that it doubles as a room that serves many other purposes for the rest of the family!  It often becomes a place that enjoys the outside feel of your garden yet also provides a secure, warm, controlled and luxurious addition to your home.

What features do you need from your home-garden-office?  Here are some popular choices:

  • Privacy and security
  • Impressive surroundings for meetings
  • Internet/TV/telephone intercom facilities
  • Somewhere to brew a cup of tea and keep some cold drinks
  • Storage/filing space
  • Desk areas and sitting areas
  • Closely controlled temperature and humidity levels
  • A building that will be an asset to the house – whatever its purpose and in the event of you moving
  • A cost effective and tax efficient investment
  • Built in home-office furnishings and fixtures

Now is the opportunity to make the place that you may spend a considerable amount of your time, the style of office you’ve always dreamed of.  And, because most of our garden rooms can be built without the need for planning permission, this happens a lot faster than you may expect.  Typically we can be on site within 4 weeks of a confirmed order and, depending upon the size and style of Garden Office, we can show you into your completed new garden room in less than 2 weeks.

Garden Studio

garden studio

A studio is a place where you can fully immerse yourself in your passion, whether it be professional or as a pastime.  To achieve this, your Garden Studio must be so much more than “fit for purpose.”   It must function perfectly for your chosen activity and be somewhere you can immediately feel comfortable, inspired and content.
To experience long term satisfaction, your Garden Studio suits your personality and your desired activities.  At Swift we do more than just adapt a standard model; we create your room by designing it from scratch.  What will make it a room that you are proud of and a place where you allow yourself a knowing and comforting smile?

  • Aspect to allow the optimum view and correct amount of natural light
  • Window and door configuration to provide a link with the surroundings or a degree of privacy
  • Internal and external finishes to suit the surroundings, or make a bold contrasting statement
  • Internal partitions to create new rooms and facilities
  • Cloakroom/WC or shower facilities
  • Kitchenette
  • Heating/Cooling systems
  • IT connections and communications systems
  • Practical, wipe clean surfaces or comfortable and plush surroundings
  • Sound-proofing/Deadening systems

Garden Granny Annex

granny annex

More and more people are looking to provide a home for their relatives within the garden of their own house.  This can give the perfect balance between care and independence.
Our tailor-made structures are not only robust and well insulated, but they can also be finely tuned to the specific preferences and needs of your family member.   Maybe a dining area is a must, overlooking a particular area of the garden.  Fine, let’s design the layout and windows to take full advantage of this.   Maybe a large wet-room is high on the priorities or perhaps a walk in store for easy access to possessions.

Most important is our appreciation that this is the home of someone you care about.  This is why we like to listen to the things that are important to you and your relatives.  We aim to make this an exciting and rewarding move, one which benefits your family and improves all of your lives.

What kind of things will make a garden room into a home? What special features may benefit someone who requires a little more care as they get older? We can provide all these features and more besides:

  • Room arrangements that are totally bespoke to your requirements and preferences
  • Bathroom /Shower room/Wet room and WC
  • Kitchenette or fully fitted kitchen area
  • Effective heating to ensure simple control and economy
  • Individual external appearance to compliment or contrast your setting
  • Full planning permission and building regulation services
  • Intercom and security systems
  • Disabled and access facilities
  • Landscaped setting and privacy measures

Garden Room Prices

We believe that we offer excellent value for your investment. Your building will be designed and tailor made to your specification…. and you receive the service and the permanent accommodation that precisely matches your aspirations and your budget.

We don’t attempt to produce a definitive price-list because we know that Swift’s bespoke approach makes this impractical and could even confuse or, inadvertently, make it harder for you to gain the information that you’re seeking.

You want to know if the price of a Swift Garden Room matches your anticipated budget.   We want you to be sure that our quality, specification and flexibility falls within your expectations and that you are aware of our authentic and transparent pricing system.

What we are setting out here are some typical cases with various options so that you can see the likely level of your investment in your new Swift Garden Room. Then, when we both have confidence that we match each other’s expectations, we can move forward with your quest for your exciting new space.

  1. Please look at the examples below
  2. Contact us, either by phone for a chat, or send us an email so that we can start building an idea of your perfect room.  Then, even before carrying out a survey and meeting you face-to-face, we can give you an indicative assessment of the process and costs involved
  3. Ready to start making this real?  We will come and see you to carry out a site survey and discuss your preferences and aspirations in more detail

Example 1: Typically from £16,250 (including VAT)

Garden room example 1

A compact building with a light and spacious atmosphere (photo for guidance only)

  • 3m x 3m external dimensions
  • French casement doors and additional windows.
  • Western Red Cedar cladding
  • EPDM roof covering
  • 10 Year insurance-backed structural warranty
  • Decorated, floored and ready for use

Example 2: Typically from £19,000 (including VAT)

Garden room example 2

A flexible and multi-purpose garden room to exactly fit your space (photo for guidance only)

  • 4m x 3m external dimensions
  • Option of sliding , French and bi-fold  doors and windows with double glazing
  • Western Red Cedar cladding
  • Secure and reliable locks
  • 10 Year insurance-backed structural warranty
  • Decorated, floored and ready for use

Example 3: Typically from £23,100 (including VAT)

Garden room example 3

A larger room with perfect connection to the garden (photo for guidance only)

  • Options of sliding or bi-fold doors and windows with double glazing
  • 4.5m x 4.0m external dimensions
  • Fully wired and certified
  • EPDM roof covering
  • 10 Year insurance-backed structural warranty
  • Decorated, floored and ready for use

Example 4: Typically from £27,200 (including VAT)

Garden room example 4

A large and impressive garden room with wide openings (photo for guidance only)

  • 7m x 3m external dimensions
  • Wide choice of sliding or bi-fold doors and windows
  • Western Red Cedar cladding
  • EPDM roof covering
  • Bright aluminium edge detail
  • 10 Year insurance-backed structural warranty

Example 5: Typically from £32,400 (including VAT)

Garden room example 4

An impressive building with vast possibilities for your family (photo for guidance only)

  • 7m x 4m external dimensions
  • Hi quality bi-folds and large windows
  • Plenty of space for internal rooms
  • Quickly constructed, minimal   maintenance
  • 10 Year insurance-backed structural warranty
  • Any size or dimension available

What determines the cost of your own project?

Swift have a team of designers and professionals who can take on almost any element of your project for a new space. From conceptual design to the fitting of highly advanced home automation systems… we aim to keep the whole process under our management and supervision….. if that is what suits you best.

That is why we listen so much. We want to work with you to create your optimum new space, taking on the roles that match your aspirations and your budget.

That is why we listen so much. We want to work with you to create your optimum new space, taking on the roles that match your aspirations and your budget.

The most important and popular elements of your project that have the greatest influence on the budget are:

  • Site clearance and preparation
  • Building size and layout
  • Door and window size and configuration
  • Addition of bathroom, toilet and kitchen facilities
  • Landscaping features including patios and decks
  • Features such as air-conditioning, integrated window blinds, inbuilt hi-fi, etc
  • Applications for planning consent and building regulations

And there are dozens of other elements that we can include or exclude to suit your needs.