Garden Rooms – Rotunda Living

Garden Rooms – Rotunda Living

Experience Rotunda Living

Rotunda: noun: a round building, especially one with a dome [ro·tun·da]

Are you looking for a creative space that fits around you? Are you ready to think outside the box? If so, Rotunda Living has just what you’re looking for.

We specialise in beautifully crafted timber-framed, modular roundhouses & we are the only British company to do so. Our Rotunda’s are suitable for everyday use, all-year round and can be used for everything from Garden rooms, home extensions, holiday lodges, residential homes, commercial properties, workshops, classrooms, in fact the uses for our beautiful eco-buildings are only limited by one’s imagination!

All of our Rotunda’s are finished to the highest standard and include argon filled double glazing,  full electrics, damp proof membranes and interior & exterior finishes. Each one is designed around our client’s personal tastes and needs, making every Rotunda as unique as they are.

The Rotunda is more than just a modular building; it’s a philosophy. What’s more, as a social enterprise, our profits go to what we care about most; helping our environment. We’re passionate about really making a difference. We’re not just breaking out of the box,we’re transforming it!

So go on, step outside the box for a moment an experience the round, you’ll be very glad you did!

Rotunda Living CIC is set-up in a similar way to an Environmental Charity, whereby we invest our profits into the British Woodlands and Community Projects.  We are passionate about creating beautiful, ethical Roundhouses that are unsurpassed in quality and craftsmanship; driven by our belief that a garden room is both a very special investment and unique purchase, which should continue to make you happy year after year, decade after decade.

What is a Rotunda?

Timber Framed, Sustainable, Modular Eco-Buildings

The Rotunda is a handmade and bespoke timber framed modular eco-building which is suitable for everyday use all-year round.
Not to be confused with a shed or summerhouse, this is a prefabricated eco-building, for use as an extension to your home or business, as a holiday lodge, guest bedroom, or for whatever personal or commercial use you have in mind! The Rotunda comes with Argon filled double glazing windows, damp-proof membranes and full mains electrics, as well as interior and exterior finishes as part of the package. Your Rotunda can also be tailored and made bespoke to your individual requirements and there are also various upgrades to enhance your rotunda even further.

rotunda living eco-building roundhouse eco-pod eco-building What is a Rotunda? RotundaJan14063

Rotunda modular garden buildings come fully installed in various sizes; from the micro-3.5m diameter garden studio or garden-office to the 6.5m or 8.5m diameter holiday-lodge or commercial building.

We can also offer the option of additional utilities such as a log burning stove, seedum roofing, reed bed water filtration systems and bespoke storage and furniture options. To enquire further please contact us.

The Rotunda is not just a pretty building; it combines the best of cutting-edge design and craftsmanship along with a strong environmental ethos and locally sourced supply chain raw materials (wherever possible).

I love sitting in the middle under the glorious roof, it’s so peaceful. Rotundas are absolutely fantastic – more people need them in their lives!

rotunda living eco-building roundhouse eco-pod eco-building What is a Rotunda? MG 8020 2em1

The Rotunda is the PERFECT space to be used as a…


…what would you do with your very own Roundhouse?!

Exterior Finishes

Standard Finishes

All of our external finishes are sourced from a local supply chain wherever possible.  ALL of our Exterior Larch Wood Cladding and Shingles come from UK Sawmills and our slates and shingles come from local suppliers who source from the UK and Germany.

larch wood cladding garden rooms Wood Exterior Finishes cladding garden rooms

British Waney Edged Larch Cladding

recycled felt shingles Wood Exterior Finishes slates standard roof

Part Recycled Content Felt Shingles

Alternative Options

shingles Wood Exterior Finishes shingles1

British Wood Larch Shingles

Beautiful british honey-hued timber which can be left untreated and will turn silvery over time. This is the most popular option for our Rotundas as the shingles gently hug the curve of the building and provide a rustic charm which is weather resistant and hardwearing. Estimated lifespan 50-60 years. No maintenance required.


recycled-slates Wood Exterior Finishes recycled slates

100% Recycled (post-consumer plastics) Slates

The most realistic looking faux-slate in the UK – Made entirely from post-comsumer plastics. A unique advantage that distinguishes these slates from any other synthetic slate on the market is that they are self-bonding, this allows them to bond together once installed creating one membrane. The benefit of this process gives you a stronger, more pliable solid membrane that leaves you with a roof that is wind and weather resistant even at low pitches. These slates are extremely dense, durable and heavy! Great for added insulation!


smooth-larch Wood Exterior Finishes smooth larch

Square edged, dressed British Larch wood board-on-board cladding

Still retaining the rustic charm of the waney edged Larch but with a more contemporary finish, these boards have been smoothed and dressed, are silky to the touch but still boast the same properties and require absolutely no maintenance.
We choose to use Board-on-Board as the preferred method of cladding, not only is is visually captivating, it’s the method which Scottish house-builders use for durability, ventilation and increased longevity of the timber. We prefer not to use ‘tongue and groove’ cladding as there is a high chance that water ingress over a prolonged period of time can cause the ‘tongue’ (the weakest part) to rot and your external cladding to ‘pop’ after several years of our british weather!

Green (Seedum or wild flowers) roof

garden room sedum Wood Exterior Finishes garden room sedum

Proven to increase thermal and acoustic insulation and provide a habitat for insects and bees, this is a roof option which fits the Rotunda like a glove.
We love green roof systems as they actively reduce the CO2 of construction, they’re useful for reducing water run-off, they cleanse the water for rainwater harvesting, are phenomenal at reducing noise and reduce your energy consumption by an average of 6%.

Interior Design Finishes

Standard Finishes

Smooth Matt Paint finish on wide panels

Our Standard Wall finish is a smooth painted finish on the internal stud wall surface which accentuates the curves perfectly and is a beautiful backdrop for your chosen interior.
You specify the shade, we’ll paint it!

brushed chrome socket Interior Design Interior Design brushed chrome socket

Stainless Steel Electricity Sockets

The electrics come built in and as standard, we fit 4 x double power points, your consumer unit, light switch, low energy LED lights and two exterior lights.
If you have any specific requirements such as data cables and TV/Phone-line installations please do let us know at the point of order and we shall of course install these as part of your personal design specification.
Our standard insert is ‘white’ but ‘black’ is also available if you’d prefer it.

Standard flooring for garden eco-pod room Interior Design Interior Design flooring for garden pod room

V-Groove low VOC Oak Laminate Flooring

Tough, Durable and easy to clean. Laminate flooring – low VOC content and resistant to moisture and decay. Compatible with Underfloor heating and suitable for Rotundas being used as Garden Offices or Studios.

Alternatives Available

We can also provide some additional ‘non-standard’ interior design elements and finishes to your Rotunda, including the following;

Bespoke Interior Design - Wooden Flooring Interior Design Interior Design Strand Woven Bamboo flooring

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a beautiful, ecologically friendly alternative to hardwood flooring.
Strand woven bamboo flooring is created in a unique manner, using a totally different process than traditional laminate type flooring and is 4x tougher and resilient than oak flooring. The bamboo plant is a highly renewable grass which is able to grow to maturity in as little as three to five years. This is much faster than hardwood trees which can take upwards of twenty years or more to reach maturity.

Bespoke T&G Interior Walls Interior Design Interior Design tg

British Larch T&G with Farrow and Ball Paint Finish

We love the rustic charm of British Larch T&G within our Rotundas.

This is an additional extra but is well worth the initial outlay if you prefer the idea of ‘country living’ in your garden with that little extra luxury to complement a log burning stove and overhead feature beams.

(The T&G adds another 3 days to the installation schedule and can be prone to a little movement as the building settles; the seasons can affect the wood very slightly, this does add to the charm but if you’re after a ‘flawless’ finish then this mightn’t be the option for you).

Bespoke Interior Design - Natural Oak Derry Sample Interior Design Interior Design NaturaOakDerrySample

Natura Oak FSC Engineered Wood Flooring

For those of you with a penchant for traditional wooden flooring, we can install FSC certified ‘Natura Oak Derry Engineered Wood Flooring’.
It’s a brushed oiled plank floor with a rustic appearance. With its subtle textured surface, the floor exudes an element of depth, adding another dimension to the Rotunda.

Bespoke Interior Design Service

interior design mood board Interior Design Interior Design mood board creative space

Your Rotunda is a unique space and if you require assistance with adding a special touch to the final finishes and interior design aspects, we offer a full interior planning and design service.
Where you might be planning on a garden building with sectional walls, bathrooms, kitchen units and luxury bedrooms we can design and furnish internal stud walls with fabrics, wallpapers and of course assist you with soft furnishing ideas. Please call us for further details on our interior design and planning services.