Garden Rooms – Pod Space

Our award winning Eco Pods are incredibly flexible spaces. Designed to suit families craving extra living space, communities looking for unique learning environments or office spaces and commercial clients who require a bespoke design solution. Whatever your needs we have the pod for you.

Exceptional Eco Pods

Our range includes five architecturally designed standard pods that can be customised to best suit your needs and make optimum use of your environment. We can easily extend your pod to create room for an extra desk or reposition windows to maximise natural light – it’s all part of making you feel at home in your new pod. However, if you’re looking to create a large scale, purpose built commercial construction then our bespoke design service can offer the flexibility to develop an attractive, highly economical solution.

Each one of our pods is designed to deliver a simple yet creative reflection of contemporary, modern living. More often than not our pods do not require planning permission and can be built and installed ready to use in just 12 weeks.

Why Pod Space?

Discover what makes our pods unique

  • Pod Features

    Our passion for intelligent design and acute attention to detail not only sets us apart from our competitors, it guarantees our clients receive something very special. Underpinning our innovative design are the very latest eco components ensuring our pods are extremely economical to run.

  • Our Pods

    From contemporary garden rooms and light and airy home gyms to sleek outdoor offices or energy efficient eco pods, whatever space you’re looking to create our unique designs have the flexibility and style to complement natural surroundings and deliver a peaceful oasis in any garden.

  • Bespoke Pods

    We have the expertise and infrastructure to develop sizeable structures including state-of-the-art eco classrooms and community pods, green space buildings for commercial use such as stylish eco holiday retreats or company offices and advanced eco home pods tailored to your individual requirements.

    • Eco Pod


    • Eco Pod

      Our Eco Pods look incredibly stylish and their impressive eco credentials make them award winning too. Constructed using many environmentally friendly elements these pods fit seamlessly into the natural surroundings of your garden.

      Spacious enough to suit several work or leisure pursuits from music rooms to design studios or summerhouses these pods can be constructed with separate defined spaces making them perfect for more than one individual.

      Sustainably sourced Siberian Larch cladding offers outstanding durability and longevity whilst the optional large roof light floods the space with ambient light. Interior lighting from low energy wall mounted up/down lights, super insulated walls and underfloor heating keep the space warm as well as bright all year around.

    • Features

      • Siberian Larch cladding
      • Aluminium standing seam pitched roof
      • Open ceiling with feature aluminium tie bars
      • Digitally controlled underfloor heating
      • 1 x full height window
      • 1 x sliding glazed door
      • 2 x desk height windows
      • Low energy up / down interior lighting
      • Timber decking (Optional)
      • Optional additional features
    • Pricing

      £35,990 + VAT for build and installation

      £2,250 + VAT for foundations (subject to site survey) plus delivery and power connection

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