Garden Rooms – Office Pod


Becoming an OfficePOD user can bring benefits to all. The ability to cut down on commuting and spend more time at home, yet be more productive in your office, safe from day-to-day distractions.

And as employers increasingly look to flexible working and innovative ways of finding efficiencies without sacrificing productivity, OfficePOD offers an employer a truly flexible workplace solution that doesn’t risk compromising the employee’s welfare and productivity. Similarly, the employee needn’t risk compromising the balance of their domestic environment.

Used as part of a corporate real estate strategy, the OfficePOD has the capability of bringing about significant reductions in CO2 emissions for both the employer and employee alike.

OfficePOD in studio


Unlike any other garden office building, an OfficePOD can be installed as a complete working environment with integral desk and storage, lighting, power, ventilation and heating all chosen by the customer to suit their specific requirements. Cooling can also be ordered as an option. The POD arrives in component form so that all the parts can be carried through buildings where access is difficult.

The long life expectancy of the POD, being in excess of 25 years, and its ability to be relocated and refitted many times over, mean that the POD will adapt to meet your changing needs and circumstances.

All elements of the design and construction make this a highly efficient and functional environment where all available space inside the POD is used to its absolute optimum.


The MeetingPOD brings unrivalled choice for those who need private and confidential work and meeting spaces. With an overall rating of Dw 39dB, the MeetingPOD performs as good as it looks and occupies half the space of both traditionally built meeting rooms and ‘screen’ based products.

There is one attribute, however, that marks the MeetingPOD out as being unique; it has the ability to be located outside as well asinside a building. And the structural panel system we use also ensures a long life and the ability to refurbish, relocate and reuse the POD time and time again, reducing waste and mitigating redundancy.

With this truly unique combination of form and function, we are able to offer our customers far greater choice in planning their workplace and enable them to extract significantly more value from their expensive real estate. On a pure financial basis, comparative costs from CBRE show that a MeetingPOD solution can bring considerable operational savings to a business.


Occupying just 50 sq ft, and able to accommodate 4 people, the standard MeetingPOD can be installed in a day and with an ease that mitigates disturbance to business activities. All PODs arrive in component form to enable installation in difficult- to-access locations.

For the very first time, customers are able to create high-performing facilities in areas such as landings, atria, receptions, lightwells, courtyards and terraces, with minimal impact on the building or inconvenience to its occupants.

Not only does this mean that we can install these key facilities into an existing working environment with ease, but by locating MeetingPODs in otherwise ‘dead’ areas, valuable office floor space can be released for additional staff or other business-critical use.

But it is not just about making better use of resources; it’s about creating fit-for-purpose environments where the productive use of time is the underlying objective.