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Welcome to Modular105 ltd. We specialise in the design, construction and installation of premier modular outdoor structures.

We are trying to be different… no that’s not right, we are different from normal garden office manufacturers. We use innovative materials and construction techniques based on a standard theme that enables us to supply competitively priced buildings to several different sectors.

Firstly it’s your building, not ours, therefore we tailor each of our designs to meet your exact demands. There is no standard model, there is no standard footprint and there is no standard finish. By adopting this approach whilst focussing on value for money and longevity of all of our installations, we can make your ideas come to life. Of course this can be overwhelming to some, but we pride ourselves on our pre-order approach to business. We can provide complete CAD images of proposed designs, we can even superimpose images of the design onto pictures of the intended setting.
This is not intended to be a gimmick, we do it so that you get full confidence in us and what you are paying for before the construction gets under way.

This approach is clearly welcomed, in fact so much so that since forming in 2010 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we have had to start two divisions. One looks at our domestic market whilst the other (a more recent development) looks at the commercial sector.

We have designed this new site as an introduction to what we do and how we do it. It is certainly not intended to replace direct contact with our customers. So please have a look around but please call us or fill in our contact form to discuss anything of interest.

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The brief:

“To design an outdoor modular building that can be adapted easily, installed simply, re-deployed efficiently and can be recycled eventually. ”

To fulfil the above is a tall order, in total it has taken almost three years to to do it, with many materials and processes explored before we finalised the product components.

How did we do it:

We started by breaking down the brief into individual projects.


Lots of buildings these days promote the modular angle but few truly achieve it. We have, with a mix of materials and components. We use extruded anodised aluminium for the frames of all our buildings. This allows us to deliver a light weight strong building. The profile we use houses the required connections so we don’t come to site with any loose fixings. Nothing is nailed or screwed. Therefore nothing is damaged when installing. We even utilise the frame internally for locating shelving, cupboards and desks etc. These work on friction and can be placed / moved at your discretion without damaging walls.

Outer skin

It’s all very well making a strong lightweight frame that doesn’t rot, but if you clad the building in traditional softwood then you’re not really achieving anything. That’s why we have worked closely with Coillte panel products They produce an eco friendly panel product that is guaranteed by them for external use up to 50 years. In addiction to this huge benefit the product can be painted and will not distort over its lifespan.


Our designs generally have a flat roof (it doesn’t have to), which gives a contemporary feel to the buildings. Obviously this creates its own design challenges. To ensure all of our buildings are water tight we use an eternal rubber roof (EPDM) which is welded onto a smart ply skin.

At MOD105 we design, fabricate and install innovative, eco-friendly modular buildings with a difference.

Our contemporary modular system requires no external fixings, and needs only one hand tool to assemble. Our buildings can be relocated and reconfigured quickly and simply if required.

No machinery is needed to install a MOD105 building, nor concrete for foundations, and thanks to our design registered assembly process no mess is created. Our quick and efficient service means most rooms are fully functioning within a day.

Our system allows us to create buildings to meet your exact needs and can include full insulation, double glazing, electrical points and lighting (external caravan type connection required). To ensure you get the size room you want we have designed our components to work on 50cm increments. We can even pre-decorate the building to your designs before it leaves us. We guarantee our quality by pre-assembling every room before it leaves our premises.

We are equally as proud of our interiors. We have designed our rooms to utilise the aluminium frame from the inside, using it to secure all of our internal fixtures using the same one hand tool as we do in the building assembly. There is no need to drill into walls. All furniture can be repositioned in seconds.

We pride ourselves in using the highest quality materials that blend strength, longevity, practicality, and, of course, looks.

Our buildings are clad in eco friendly Medite Tricoya, a particle board which is guaranteed for outside use by the manufacturer for 50 years. The roof is covered with a premium quality rubber.

MOD105 buildings can be used for garden studios, offices, and sheds. Indeed there is no limit to the uses to which a MOD105 building can be put.

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The framework for a new concept room which we will be taking to this years RHS Chelsea flower show.

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CAD Design for a viewing platform in Hawaii

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During the build in Hawaii

Bespoke design

At Mod105 we also offer a complete design and installation service for bespoke models. We really enjoy pushing ourselves to design interesting, fun and unique buildings. We use as much of our standard materials and construction methods as we can so as well as a great building, they can also go up and down quickly.