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We take care of everything the professional garden office user will need. Garden Space Planning. Furniture Packages. IT, Data and Telecoms needs. IT relocation.

We are specialists in the design, supply and installation of fully insulated all year round home office garden solutions.
With a wealth of experience in supplying fully fitted office in garden solutions, and having installed many garden offices nationwide, we ensure we supply the home office garden user with the exact requirements for their specific tasks.

Our consultancy is designed to support your business objectives and make the most of your environment.

The Garden Office experts

As experts we can supply full home office garden solutions or optimise the building design to make the best of your existing garden office. We manage IT and Telecoms specifications for all




Ext Dim WxD

Int Dim


2×2 2.725 x 2.525 2.525 x 2.325 5.95 £12,200.00 VIEW NOW
3×2 3.960 x 2.530 3.760 x 2.330 8.92 £15,600.00 VIEW NOW
3×3 3.960 x 3.675 3.760 x 3.115 11.87 £18,400.00 VIEW NOW
3×4 3.960 x 4.975 3.760 x 4.415 16.76 £22,700.00 VIEW NOW
4×3 5.175 x 3.725 4.975 x 3.165 14.8 £22,200.00 VIEW NOW
4×4 5.125 x 4.625 4.925 x 4.067 19.5 £25,000.00 VIEW NOW
5×3 6.375 x 3.725 6.175 x 3.165 19.0 £24,400.00 VIEW NOW
5×4 6.375 x 4.625 6.175 x 4.065 24.5 £29,500.00 VIEW NOW
6×3 7.525 x 3.725 7.325 x 3.165 22.6 £28,900.00 VIEW NOW
6×4 7.525 x 4.625 7.325 x 4.065 29.0 £34,600.00 VIEW NOW
7×3 8.775 x 3.725 8.575 x 3.165 26.5 £33,400.00 VIEW NOW
8×3 9.975 x 3.725 9.775 x 3.165 29.3 £34,700.00 VIEW NOW


2×2 2.875 x 2.675 2.505 x 2.305 6.20 £14,000.00 VIEW NOW
3×2 3.575 x 3.025 3.205 x 2.655 8.62 £16,600.00 VIEW NOW
3×3 3.800 x 3.800 3.430 x 3.430 11.23 £19,700.00 VIEW NOW
4×3 5.100 x 3.800 4.730 x 3.430 14.4 £23,750.00 VIEW NOW
4×4 5.025 x 4.875 4.655 x 4.505 20.0 £28,500.00 VIEW NOW
5×3 6.250 x 3.650 5.880 x 3.280 22.3 £29,800.00 VIEW NOW
5×4 6.150 x 5.210 5.780 x 4.840 26.4 £32,500.00 VIEW NOW
6×3 7.095 x 3.815 6.725 x 3.440 22.1 £29,800.00 VIEW NOW
6×4 6.975 x 4.775 6.605 x 4.405 30.0 £34,700.00 VIEW NOW
7×3 8.225 x 3.750 7.855 x 3.380 29.3 £34,500.00 VIEW NOW
8×3 8.725 x 3.925 8.355 x 3.555 28.6 £35,000.00 VIEW NOW

Mr A.B Cheshire

We have just finished this lovely installation and show below some initial images of the installation. The grounds around the office are being landscaped and we look forward to returning soon to take some more images when flowers and grass will finish off this wonderful location.



Mrs J.C Surrey

The use of a beautiful office in my garden has not only enabled me to free up space in my house but has enabled me to make so much more use of my garden. Every aspect of the installation was carried out with care and attention and any queries were either sorted on site or quickly by Graham.



Mrs Y.C Wiltshire

The weather conditions during the installation were awful but the chaps in the team kept a smile on their face and did a great job. So good in fact that we are staying put rather than moving as we intended, the garden is so beautiful in the Summer I just could not leave it! Now I spend time looking at it from my studio as I paint. Thank you Graham and your team.

Mr S.C Bath


An ability to escape to my sanctuary with my TV, music centre, computer, desk and settee has greatly reduced my stress levels after a busy day. Wonderful!

Mrs M.J Kent


Having been let down on the original idea of having an extension, the resulting office supplied by Graham and his team has been a sheer delight. It is so much more than we anticipated, it is an office and a refuge all in one. The team were so understanding of all aspects of working with my children keeping an ever watchful eye. Thank you.

Mrs K.J Cheshire

Throughout the whole process, from when the first general enquiry was made to when the building was complete has been faultless. Any query or question was answered promptly and nothing was too much trouble. The timings of the build process were accurate and always communicated to us.

INSITU project-managed and co-ordinated everything, from completing the planning application through to the ground works, the installation of the building to the fitting of the few extras.

I am absolutely delighted with my garden studio and love spending time in it. The build quality is fantastic and it blends in well with our surroundings. In fact I write this testimonial from my warm studio on a cold frosty day, looking out on woodland. It is my oasis!

I would have no hesitation in recommending INSITU Garden Offices and their products.


Ms N.A Bath

The whole process was very easy and the end result of a music room for my children has been a godsend!

Mrs V.G London

Taking the option to work from home due to the arrival of a new baby meant the need for a home office. From first contacting Graham which was a year before actually buying an office, he showed continued interest and was always helpful when we were specifying our exact needs. Normally a building team is a bit of a worry but the guys were ever mindful of our house and garden and the end result is a credit to them.

Mrs K.D Glasgow

Dear Roy,
Just a note to say how pleased we have been with the building of our garden room. As you can see from the pictures we are almost finished with the furnishing of it.
Your team were extremely professional from start to finish. They turned up at exactly the time planned and the build time was as quoted. The men were hard working and obviously took pride in their work to the very last detail. Even when we changed our hearts about flooring when it was almost about to be laid it wasn’t a problem. They sourced local materials and changed the floor to suit our new decision.
It is obvious Roy, that you are passionate about your business and the customers wish is your utmost priority. Your attention to detail was incredible and we have ended up with a beautifully finished space which is in all honesty more than we expected. I don’t think we could have been given a better service from anyone else and I would recommend you to anyone.
Many thanks for your time, worry and devotion.