Garden Rooms – Executive Garden Rooms

The Executive Garden Room approach

       -  what makes us different?

* We specialise in bespoke garden rooms, each room we build is unique to suit your individual requirements, it can be any shape or size (subject to planning) for example to fit into a corner of your garden, to ensure it is sympathetic to the surroundings and minimises the loss of garden area.

* Our garden rooms are highly insulated, we investment 8% of the cost of the build on insulation materials, minimising your ongoing running costs.

* Our rooms are built on a concrete base, there is no void under the building eliminating rat and fox nests.  The internal finished floor to ceiling height is 2.15m, giving a greater sense of space and a light and airy feel.

* We specialise in garden rooms with bathroom/kitchen facilites, the ground works and trenching to supply all services are included in our price.

* The roof is finished with 3 layers of Delta torch on mineral felt totalling 8mm thick, we believe this is a more tried and tested method than EPDM which is only 1.5mm thick.

* We will clad the building in either Western Red Cedar or Cedral Weatherboard, a painted finish which does not fade with age and has a higher fire rating than cedar.

* Our garden rooms are permanent structures and comply to Schedule 2 of the Building Regulations 2010.

* The average build time is 3 weeks.  We offer a turnkey solution, managing the whole build process and pass you the keys on the handover day.

* Our prices include foundations, heating and electrical connection to the main house - we have no hidden extras


What to expect from a Site Survey

All our garden rooms are individually designed to our clients requirements, therefore it is essential that we carry out a site survey.

Before this takes place we have an initial conversation over the telephone so that we can provide you with a guide price, based on size.

The site survey includes a visit to your home to look at the site, review access, ground works, discuss your design ideas including size, shape, style, placements of windows/doors etc.

We will show you the choice of colours for the windows and doors, electrical fittings, roof felt, flooring etc.

After the site survey we will provide you with 3D computer generated visuals, which can be amended until you are happy with the final design.

Once you are happy with the design of your garden room we provide a detailed quotation for your perusal.


Our Bespoke Rooms

Our bespoke garden rooms are built to the highest specification and highly insulated so they can be used all year round.

We offer a complete turnkey solution, our prices include foundations, heating and electric connection to the main house, we have no hidden extras.

We offer advice on the planning regulations which may affect your garden building, if your garden room requires planning permission we can liaise with the planning department on your behalf.

We can arrange Building Control inspections during the build process, our garden rooms are permanent structures and comply to Schedule 2 of the Building Regulations 2010.  This is important when coming to sell your home as the garden room will be included in your property valuation if it has been inspected and signed off by Building Control.

We use a warm frame construction, in which part of the insulation is on the outside of the building creating a warm envelope ensuring maximum heat retention, saving on running costs.  We only use treated CLS timber which has been structurally graded and pressure impregnated with Tanalith E treatment for external use.

Garden Office

Garden Offices are becoming increasingly popular as more people are working from home

2.45 million people in Britain currently run businesses from home, this represents one in 12 of the working population.

Why waste money renting office space and waste time commuting to work when you can work from your own back garden.

When working from home, its important to separate your domestic life from your work, by creating both mental and physical boundaries.  The best way to create a motivating and productive environment is to have a dedicated workspace, an office in the garden is the perfect solution.

We can create your perfect office by adding a bespoke shelving system, worktops, built in cupboards, telephone point, CAT6A data point, TV aerial point, security alarm etc.

Prices start from £1,200 including vat per square metre (depending on specification, location and size).

This price includes foundations, electrical connection from the consumer unit in the garden room to the consumer unit in your house, heating, LED downlights, flooring, fully plastered, fully insulated with low U-values so you can use it all year round with minimal heating.

Note on Building Control

It is recommended by Building Control that if you use your garden room as an office, it must comply with full building control to ensure sufficient ventilation.

Our buildings are permanent structures which comply to Schedule 2 of the Building Regulations 2010 (Statutory Instrument).

Our garden rooms have highly insulated walls, floors, ceiling, air flow cavities, vapour barriers and breathing membranes. With excellent U-Values our garden rooms will cost you less to heat.

Beware -  other garden rooms on the market are temporary structures and comply only to the Mobile Homes Act.  Many garden room companies claim their products “comply with current building regulations” when they really mean “our buildings do not have to comply with building regulations”.  It is cheaper for a company to build a garden building that does not comply with the current building regulations, but often they cost the same.

Their garden rooms will have minimal insulation and no air flow, this  will result in moisture entering the structure – often reducing the life of the actual structure and damaging internal contents. The building will sweat in the summer months and be uninhabitable during the winter and represent poor value for money.