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At ecos we build not only conventionally constructed structures, we also design, manufacture and install energy efficient, high quality yet affordable prefabricated timber frame house extensions and standalone contemporary garden rooms. Our team of professionals also have the expertise to manage house improvements and renovations of any scale and complexity. Every solution we provide is based not merely on great design, advanced engineering, or unique construction techniques, we concentrate on the understanding of our clients’ desires and developing and utilizing our skills in order to fulfil them. Thus products delivered not just perfectly match our customers requirements but often exceeds their expectations. Nothing is impossible, we are able to help you to transform your dreams into reality.

Garden Rooms

In current turbulent economic climate we are choosing solutions that offer long-term quality and value. In response ecos offers unbeatable value and unprecedented quality of products and services. Ecos garden rooms represent the highest standards in terms of quality, design and energy efficiency. We offer extensive range of garden rooms to meet every need. Ecos garden rooms are ranging from the traditional designs to modern contemporary rooms with number of options to choose from. You can also customize every aspect of your garden room – shape and size of your building, roof shape and type, exterior and interior finishes, various insulation options, specify your heating and electrical layout. Just imagine the garden room of your dreams – we will build it for you. Beautifully crafted ecos garden room will become not only practical space for you, it will also complement your garden. While browsing through the range of ecos garden rooms remember – if you cannot find the garden room of your dreams, if you need something special – we will be happy to help you to bring your ideas to life.

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