Garden Rooms – Cabin Habit

  • Whether it’s the gypsy or the boy scout in you, or a desire to go wild-west or airstream, you can see something in our cabins that makes you want to get into the habit.
  • You love their edgy, urban-industrial, mid-century style - originality is important to you and you don’t want an any-old-style, neighbour-aping building in your garden.
  • You can imagine a Cabin Habit Day spent reading, writing, working, fishing, walking, gathering, creating, talking, playing, partying, snuggling and breathing deeply in slumber.
  • You’re keen to come in on budget with a solid enduring build – a wooden chalet of dubious taste and equivalent size will cost you at least twice as much on average, and could leave you in style-cred deficit.
  • You love the enduring industrial look of galvanised corrugated steel, the simple wooden curves inside, and the going-nowhere feel of the structure.
  • You’d rather camp in the cosy arc of a Habit cabin than a draughty nylon tent; or make believe you live in the woods; or come from an age when life was less complicated.

The new and funky easy-come, easy-go boutique camping solution for festivals and short stay accommodation.

Simple and urban-industrial in style, the wagon-like design of Kushti Cabins raises you happily above the common ground of ordinary camping, and delivers you into a cosy minimal arc where recycled newlife timber combines with solid reliable steel and hi-tech stretch material, for the perfect refuge from boring bell tents and typical tipis. If you are tired of the same-old, same-old pod and yurt glamping solutions and fancy setting trends instead of repeating them, then you’ll need to get Kushti for 2014.

For Festivals and Events

Kushti accommodation is currently available with king size double or twin beds, and provides a 3.5m by 3m space in which to relax.  Larger cabin sizes can also be organised if accommodation for more than two people is needed at your event.  The cabins are lit by colour changing LED uplighters which subtley flood the interior curve of the roof, and a socket for chargers etc can also be supplied.  Uniquely the cabins have a wooden, partly covered porch on which to leave muddy boots or shoes, or simply to just sit and bask in the envy of passing campers.  Bedding and towels can be supplied depending on your set up and requirements, and it goes without saying that Kushti Cabins can be quickly erected and taken away by Kushti staff at the beginning and end of your event.

For use in the Garden

Kushti Cabins make wonderful summer time garden structures for the whole family to enjoy, or simply to add a funky spare room to your home to use when needs require.